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*Milly Giveaway is registered charity. Milly Days are organised and funded by donations and sponsorship from Milly Giveaway 

Donate - Gift Aid it

Donations to Milly Giveaway are eligible for Gift Aid. 
It doesn't cost you a penny and makes your donation go further.

Choose this option and the Government will give us 25% on top of your donation.

* If you’re making a personal donation please give your full name and home address and tick the box or we can’t claim Gift Aid. You will need to have paid enough UK Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in the current tax year to cover the 25% that MillyGiveaway and any other charities and CASCs that you donate to will claim for the current tax year. (Council Tax and VAT do not count).

Donate - Without Gift Aid

You can make 50 people smile

By sponsoring a Milly Day you will be bringing happiness and joy to 50 people at each of our days:

  • You will help create a memory that will last a lifetime
  • You will share in their happiness
  • You can come and spend the day with the charity you choose to sponsor

Where your money goes

Donations cover:

  • Payment of Travel
  • Payment of Catering
  • Boat Rides with Captain John
  • Heated Pool and Slide
  • All recreational Facilities

Typical Costs for one day:

  • Lunch                             £   600
  • Travel                             £   700
  • River Trips                   £   600
  • Entertainment          £   600
  • One day cost for      £ 2500


Sponsor one Milly Day for 50 people including

  • Food & Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Unlimited boat rides


Provide 50 people with either

  • Food
  • Boat rides for the day


Provide 50 adults or children for the day with either

  • Entertainment
  • Face Painting
  • Petting Zoo


Provide each of our visitors with

  • Goodie bags

We are looking for 1000 this season.

Charities we are hosting in 2019

Charities we have hosted at Milly Days