"I think it's very nice. Very glad I came. 10 out of 10 - 5 stars. My son is with me today. Beautiful place. Hosts do a lot."

"It's so gorgeous here. I love gardens and the gardens here are beautiful. Sandwiches were really nice. Good coffee. Glad I made the effort."

"So nice of people to share their gardens with us. Good to come and great to go on and steer the boat. Never steered a boat before - just great."

"Gorgeous, beautiful surroundings, lots of lovely nice food. Very hospitable, beautiful sounds and gardens. Roses are stunning. Very appreciative of the helpers."

"I've had a lovely day, I drove the boat. Beautiful place, stunning, everything about it is wonderful. Can't wait for next year."

"Very nice day - very relaxing, peaceful. Good company. Nice food, nice hosts. Please to come. Everyone who has never been should come - lovely place."

"Wonderful facilities, disappointing weather. Enjoyed the strawberries."

"The riverbank atmosphere raised my spirits no end."