What is a Milly Day?

Milly Days are sponsored days at a riverside property on the banks of the Thames in Buckinghamshire.

We offer opportunities for those in need of some peace and living with difficulties day in and day out, a chance to recharge. It is often difficult for those leading challenging lives to break away for even a small amount of time, to relax and redress the balance of life. We would like to help with this.

We invite them to spend the day with us enjoying the countryside and other recreational activities.

Our guests enjoy many activities, from boat rides, swimming, lawn croquet, tennis, through to just relaxing for the afternoon by the river. By sponsoring a Milly Day you can change their life for a day and give them some happy memories.

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Where your money goes

  • Payment of Travel
  • Payment of Catering
  • Boat Rides with Captain John
  • Heated Pool and Slide
  • All recreational facilities
  • Strawberries and Cream
  • Beverages

Typical Costs for one day:

  • Lunch                    £   600
  • Travel                    £   700
  • River Trips             £   600
  • Entertainment       £   600
  • One day cost for   £ 2500

"How will we ever thank you, we had such an incredible day"

"Cherry Lodge Cancer Care sends a big thank you to Milly Days "

"We thoroughly enjoyed our day in Paradise "

"Thank you from Stoll for giving everyone such a good day out"

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Information for charities

Charities will provide:

  • Organise and book Travel*
  • Arrange arrivals/departures 1 week from event
  • Confirm numbers (2 weeks prior to event)
  • All Sports attire

*Due to charity regulations, food and travel must be paid for by charities/attendees and then reimbursed by Milly Days


Please contact Emma Allen for more information on:
Email: emmaallen@millydays.org.uk
Telephone: +44 (0 )07495 154049