To everyone at Milly Days

We cannot let another day go by without expressing our most sincere thanks for the wonderful day you arranged for us to spend in Marlow on Monday with Chai Cancer Care.

The grounds of this beautiful home on the Thames were just magnificent and the warm welcome with the full day of entertainment and delicious sandwiches, snacks and drinks all amounted to the most wonderful day.  The serenity and beauty of the gardens and the boat-ride were truly enjoyed by us all. A day to switch off and just enjoy life.

Thank you once again!

Tony andFrimchy Geller


My husband and I were fortunate to be invited by Chai Cancer Care to visit Milly Days this past Monday.  It has been a tough few years for both of us but thankfully we are here to tell the tale of our wonderful day.

I cannot extol the virtues enough of your organisation and the people involved.  Your generosity is bountiful.

Our day was exceptional, relaxing, heartwarming, uplifting, fun-loving and comforting.  As far as we are concerned it achieved all the things it was meant to and the memories will remain with us.

A huge thank you to the founder of this invaluable operation and a thank you to all for just being you.

Warmest gratitude,
Lucille & Martin Baker